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Our    are high quality and unique products made with respect for human, animal & nature. 


Our products are made out of ecological or recovered materials (NO-waste), here we work mainly with locale partners.


By using ecological materials we take distance of al the chemical and harmfully processes they use normaly with the classic productions of consumer goods.


Also we decrease the amount of waste by using recovered materials, and so helping our earth in here reconstruction.




  • All our ecological fabrics are made out of GOTS certified textiles, 
  • Our Belgian wool stuffing is certified with the OEKOTEX label, 


  • Our products "For The Little Ones" we use ONLY ecological materials, and we make sure there are allergy free.


  • Our recovered textile materials, saved from trash, are unused.


There are still some raw materials that we can't find in the EU, here we are very strict in choosing our partners out of the EU, they must fulfill many demands.

We make sure the people work in good conditions and that there employers follow our vision.

No toxins, no human-animal or nature harm.


You recognise our products by our logos:   &  

Our recovered products got a hangtag with blue writing on, our ecological products have green writing.