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                                                                            A UN study: the electronic waste of small IT products such as smartphones in 2014 covers 3 billion tons waste, less than 16 percent of all electronic waste on earth is recycled.

                                                                            " Happy flowers "????.....Happy Flowers are grown with respect for human and nature.
....Local flowers, flowers of the season , Fair Trade flowers....

                                                                            ...the beautiful coloring of your Jeans is very toxic for human and nature. Rivers are turning blue because of the  toxic waste water by fabricating your jeans.
These waters are being used for spraying the fields, where they grown food.

                                                                            ..... the color of your favorite piece of clothing is no longer what it was ... don't panic, give it a longer life by dyeing with natural color.
More info can be found on

                                                                            ..Vegetarian cosmetics contains no ingredients obtained from dead animals, but it can contain animal ingredients such as milk or honey. Vegan cosmetics contains no animal ingredients.

                                                                            Special sustainable gift idea: you give something that you can not buy and what everyone needs:  free time ! 
You can do that by doing some work for another ... child care, job done ...

                                                                            Did you know that ... a dishwasher needs twice as much energy as dishwashing by hand