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You are the star of your own life.

11 October 2018
You are the star of your own life.


In a world, so diverse and complex as ours, it can be a challenge to find your true self or to show the real you without being scared.

Because of the constant influence from outside, opinions of others, TV, radio, internet, social media ... we sometimes become overstrung to then wander away from our real core without even realizing..

Do we still know what’s 'good'  for us and what’s not? Do you still form your own opinion or do you follow the opinion of one or the other 'worldclass- star' who tells you what’s 'good' and what’s not?

Live and let live in your reality ..

I encourage you to listen to your inner voice, to listen to those thoughts that makes you feel your inner child jump up and down inside!

Dare to look left when the others look to the right, act CRAZY sometimes!

Feel your truth, your unique power in every cell of your body!

And only listen to that one sparkling star, who already knows it all ..

You are the STAR of your own life