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Benefits of meditation

12 October 2018
Waarom mediteren?


Your cortical areas in the brain become thicker
It is visible on scans that meditation changes your brain. Especially the areas responsible for observing, cognition and emotional processing are greatly increased by meditation

Your hippocampus gets bigger
According to research, the hippocampus grows in the brain by meditating. The hippocampus is responsible for remembering information.

Works against aging of the brain
People who regularly practice meditation have measurably more gray matter in old age. The gray matter ensures that our brains can process information. Previously it had been shown that meditation leads to more gray matter. One study showed that the more gray matter a person has, the less selfish that person is.

Strengthens your immune system

Research shows that 8 weeks of meditation positively influences your immune system. A large increase in the number of antibodies against viruses was found.

Makes you happier and more positive

The higher the ratio between the left and the right brain, the happier people are.

And the list goes on ..


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