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Benefits of Wool

14 October 2018
De voordelen van WOL

Wool as pure natural filling for your pillows




Long lifespan and environmentally friendly

Wool has a very long lifespan while maintaining all its good properties and is 100% recyclable. The environment has very little trouble with wool recycling. Natural wool products are manufactured through sustainable production processes that have little impact on the environment.


The anti-allergic effect of wool

Suffering from allergy? Then a wool for your pillows is the right choice! Mold formation in wool is virtually impossible. Fungi need not only heat, but also a high humidity. Because wool is very ventilating and regulates the temperature, no fungi can nest.


Anti-dust mite

Pure wool in a pillow is not a fine environment for the house mite, because wool ventilates optimally and regulates the temperature and the amount of moisture. Make sure your pillow is aired regularly, then the house mite will not get a chance.


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